Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've moved

I've moved to
This blog was google and it surprisingly sucks. The new one is from wordpress and they rock

Friday, March 20, 2009


Gabe Suarez teaching AK47 class at YRL

This is Gabe Suarez teaching a hard core class on how to fight with the AK47. Great class. A real experience I would recommend to anyone. Check it out.

Gwendolyn at YRL with M4

Gwendolyn with suppressed M4. And some photoshop action.

Yavapai Recreation League

Here's where we do much of our shooting. IDPA, USPSA, Cowboy, 3 gun. A great place to shoot here in Prescott Arizona.

Gwendolyn shooting Saiga 12

Gwendolyn blazing away at targets downrange with her Sagia 12 tactical at YRL. She took to this Saiga like a fish to water.

Where's all the pistol ammo?

All the shelves look bare for surplus or bulk ammo. Even looks empty